Got a New Bus !

winnerAfter attending the recent Skoolie Gathering, I was even more anxious to get a bus.  One of the attendees told me the secret – bidding on multiple buses at the same time…..and BOOM!  Here she is – The CornHusker…straight out of the University of Nebraska motor pool.  The plan is to roll up to Tuscaloosa for a funeral Monday, then snatch the nephew for shuttle driver/boredom prevention, and we will head out Mon/Tues.  I am really excited about  getting started on the conversion, and being mobile once again.5534_300_6 5534_300_7

Stuck in Ebro again

vlcsnap-2017-02-03-10h16m10s043The first few weeks were depressing.  I lost my adventure-mobile, my home, and part of my identity for the last year and a half.

It was tough.

Shopping for a new rig has not been going well.  Used school buses are becoming the new rage, and the bidding wars are pushing them out of my price range.  So I have been spending my time working, building, and modifying the bike for longer distance.  I am watching a couple buses closely, and hopefully be able to snap one up in the next couple weeks, so I can start building the new adventure-mobile.  I am pretty excited and anxious to get my mobility back – the thing most Americans are missing.  You don’t really know what this facet means to you till you lose it, and man it hurts.