End of the Road?

It sure feels like it.  The bus spewed another leak as I was getting ready to roll south for the Skoolie Palooza in Quartzsite, and after a weekend of consideration, I decided to leave it there, and move on to another vehicle. It has been a very sad week, even tho the bus has given me much grief over the last few months, it WAS my home, and it gave me a TON of freedom and introduced me to a new life. I will miss her greatly.

I sit here typing this in the dark, at the beach house, after a transformer blew, leaving me searching for flashlights. Man I miss the bus. Hooking up solar this week, so I can live comfortably, on the grid.

Doom and Gloom in Bullhead City

trail of oil entering parking lot

Went on a quick trip tieing up loose ends and errands around town before moving south, and the oil pressure drops to almost zero.   A quick  turn into a gas station reveals the worst.  Looks like the end of my adventure – the bus has sprung yet ANOTHER leak, one losing oil faster than I can replace it. Wow, this sux so bad!  Gonna rent a truck and haul ass to Florida….and get a J.O.B.

Wow this sucks so balls!!