Bighorn Enigma

20160629_155445This place is incredible.  More riding than I can do in a month, and no front brakes to ride them all.  So hopefully the bus will ready to roll by noon, and I will be on my way to Missoula before dark.   More stuff to come.


Adventure is not always fun

So it looks like I may be stuck in Buffalo, WY while I get my oil sprinkler repaired. I believe I have lost a gallon in less than 100 miles?
I guess there are many worse places to be other than Buffalo. They have a auto parts shop and 2 diesel shops, along with a laundromat, and a car wash, both of which I will use this afternoon.

I am also at the foot of the Bighorn National Forest, and I still have the bike if I need to wait a week for parts – this bus would not make it over the pass.

Black Hills Tourist

Crow Peak Fire

5 days in The Hills, and I have only scratched the surface of the sights.  Got a good scratch on the pavement and the monuments, but the trails and dirt roads are endless.  The smoke from Wyoming is rolling in, and to top that Crow Peak outside of Spearfish had a big fire sparked by a lightning strike (I think I filmed the strike).  So I am gonna take a peak at Devil’s Tower – north of the smoke, and try to end-run around it.  Enjoy the first of 2 videos of The Hills.

mauvaises terres a traverser

vlcsnap-2016-06-21-11h39m13s725French trappers used the phrase above to describe the area known today as The Badlands. Rugged, eroded hills frame a lush grassland below. Looking down from the hills, it appears you are overlooking a magnificent, massive golf course.20160618_161235Of course the geology is quite striking, carpeted with a very green layer of grasses and cedars, but most of the tourists overlook the most impressive features – the wildlife.IMG_1567Sure there are quite a few areas for the prairie rodents dogs that are easily accessible to pavement, but most of the awesome critters can be seen up close by simply turning down a dirt road (which is in better condition than the pavement).

Reason to Ignorance – only 388 Miles

Just left Green Bank, W. Virginia, home of the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope.  The GBT sits in the center of the National Radio Quiet Zone – 13,000 square miles of restricted by law for radio transmission.  No cell phone towers may transmit into this area, so all comms are thru cable and satellite – very strict radio silence.


Only had to travel to N. Kentucky (just outside Cincinnati) to find the center of the universe for ignorance – the Creation Museum.  The founders believe the dinosaur models they have on display are less than 6,000 years old, and they present them alongside displays of The Ark, and Cain and Abel.


Since I could not bear paying ANY money to see all this silliness, I simply snapped a picture from the entrance, uploaded my own silliness from the parking lot, and continued on my way to South Dakota.

6,000 year-old Dino
6,000 year-old Dino, rescued on Noah’s Ark

Keep track of the journey across America HERE

Woods of West Virginia

So I blazed thru Virginia, maybe because I was too picky, too hot, or the skoolie was struggling on the 8% grades of 4,000+ feet.

And I found myself in West Virginia.

Within 10 miles I found myself in the Monongahela Forest, rolling down a gravel road.  The first spur I came to was a score.  100 yards up, in front of a fence, with just enough room to turn around, park at an angle  good enough to unload the moto, and sleep – Perfect!  The woods were loaded with firewood, my camp had a nice fire ring, and I was so far back in the woods, I only saw 9 vehicles on the main road all weekend – PERFECT!

The spot was perfect, the weather was perfect, so I named my spot Camp Perfection.