2016 Tour

Currently planning the routes and stops for this year.  Looks like the first stop will be fairly close by.  I need to get my adventure gear together, and this is where it will most likely happen.  I plan to do some parking and riding, mixed in with some paddling, and maybe even some fishing. After a week or so, I plan to move NE into West Virginia, and do some exploring up there. More details soon.

Taco Stand

20160520_113249Had the blow the taco stand in Florida. It was getting hot in the swamp.  The air is cooler and dryer here in The Ham, and I get to catch up with everybody.    Should be here a week, then north to Tellico Plains for some woods, whitewater, and wide-open dirt terror.


Skoolie Storage Rack build

Been wanting this since I left in August, but always thought it a luxury, rather than a necessity.  Now I want campfires, and to do that I will need a space to carry logs.  I have not carried logs up to this point because of the mess it makes, the bugs it brings in, and the space they would capture in my garage.  Now I can carry logs, an easy-access bicycle, a compressor, and any other large, disgusting or filthy thing I want to carry with me.

The project took a week to build, mainly because of daily shopping trips for steel and other supplies, the heat, mosquitos, and exhaustion.  I am very happy with the results.


The Dude (2002-2016)

dudeHe was not particularly fast for a greyhound, nor was he particularly smart for a dog.  He ran 2 races before the owners determined he was not cut out for racing.  No matter, The Dude LOVED to run.  Being very small for a male, he was presumably the runt of the litter, as he was the same size as a small female grey.  Racing  under the name, “Redman”, the listing on the adoption website is what attracted our attention.  Most of the greys from the kennel I looked at that day were excited, but only one jumped up on the couch and started chewing on the  squeaky stuffed toys.

IMGP6880Upon arrival home, it was obvious as I was told that greyhounds did not understand stairs, or glass, or hardwood floors, and my house had lots of them.  Like all greys, he slept 20+ hours a day, and liked big open areas to run in.  His total laid-back nature earned him his new name – Dude, or “His-Dudeness”, or “El-Dudarino”, if you’re not into the whole brevity-thing.

dude runs

Unlike other greyhounds,  Dude never barked.  For 2 years, not a peep, a growl or anything that hinted he was even a dog.  Then one day, he investigated a cat on a wall in the back yard, and upon closer inspection, the cat took a plug out of his nose.  From that day forward, he hated cats, and would bark every time he saw one.  His mission was to patrol the neighborhood for evil cats.

Dude and Georgia on Cat Patrol

The Dude made me laugh.  Every day.  Sometimes several times a day, for more than a decade.  For the past 8 months, he has been my travelling companion.  Many times, for days, he was the only face I would see, and the only “person” to talk to.  Most of the time the talking only resulted in a blank stare, unless  questions were raised.  “You want a cookie?” or “You wanna go for a walk?” usually lifted his head and body.

He grew to love the beaches and deserts we explored.  Mostly, I believe, the sand was easy on his feet, and allowed for long exploration.20151223_162840

He never liked riding in a vehicle and HATED riding in the bus.  We stopped often when traveling, so he could sniff and pee and explore.  He really loved exploring new places especially when there were animal smells.  He enjoyed people, but really loved the ladies, and all their attention he could soak up.  His favorite attention was a good ear-scratching.  He would lean up against you in order to get his head and ears scratched.

I loved this goofy dog.  Life will be hard without him.

Sea Trials

So I took the boat out Saturday. Of course it took me 2 hours to rig it up, as it was the first time I rigged it completely, AND put the boat in the water. After rigging it up, I sat on the beach, reading the manual, trying to muster the courage to get on the boat, with having only a small clue about sailing.

Like rigging the boat, I really needed find out WHAT I DID NOT KNOW before I could really start learning. That is how I learn.

So I sucked it up, and jumped on.

Man, I really don’t know anything!

Now at least, I know what I don’t know.