running from the cold and the snow

Spent last night in Umpqua Nat Forest, at a nice spot on a tight curvy FS road above the river.


Once parked I took the maiden voyage on the new scoot around a big loop above the Umpqua River – it was cold, and I had the wrong gear, so I only did 30 miles or so.


This morning we woke to snow on the ground and streets, and head out to Crater Lake.

Instead, we got Diamond Lake – Crater Lake was closed, unless you have a snowmobile.


IMG_0249 IMG_0250

Bummer, and only 5 miles away from it too :(

IMG_0255 IMG_0253

So we hauled ass south to Weed………… California – that’s right – Weed, the city.  Welcome to the Land of Fruit and Nuts.IMG_0266 IMG_0267

Headed SE to Lassen Nat. Volcanic Park



Everybody say Hoh…….Rainforest

Moving around Olympic, I encountered yet ANOTHER rainforest – the Hoh, with the Hoh River running thru it.  Not quite as brutal a river, but just as fast.  There were no park rangers standing guard, only this guy, overseeing his harem.



A fine example of the Roosevelt Elk that occupy the Park.  And one of his ladies grazing at the pond above.


The next morning we rolled on to Ruby Beach, and found this breathtaking scene of a creek entering the ocean.


IMG_0172 IMG_0175

The next beach down had a campground, and was empty, until the sun went down.  So I emptied all the blackberries from the vines for a breakfast meal.  Yes, November blackberries – unbelievably delicious.



Beaches of Olympic Nat. Park

After leaving Sol Duc, we drove a few minutes over to Rialto Beach, where we ate some lunch and enjoyed a couple of squalls.



Yes this is a tree – the beach is covered with these monsters.



Took a walk on the beach, and The Dude even went for a swim.  He was hit by a wave that knocked him on his ass, and I had to jump in and save him from being washed out to Canada.  Pretty funny to me, but I don’t think The Dude enjoyed it much, the water was as cold as the air.IMG_0076

His Dudeness recovering after a hot shower.


Why do they call it a rain forest?

Because the rainforest of Olympic Nat Park gathers 12 FEET of rainfall every year. I experienced about a foot this week myself. I started my journey entering by Crescent Lake, a divided lake formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.IMG_0039

On the way in I got this weather alert on the phone – 4-7 inches accumulation tonight – uh-oh!!


I spent the night on the Sol Duc River, I chose not to paddle because I wanted to LIVE and tell this story.  Scary but fantastic.


This is what a rain forest looks like – kinda.  You must see it for yourself to get the REAL pictures.

IMG_0044 IMG_0048 IMG_0053

Working on video now.