A glance at Seattle

The 2 days I have spent in and around Seattle makes me understand why people are drawn to this place.


Surrounded by natural beauty, and the man-made stuff is not bad either.  Even the crappy, low-rent sections are nice.  And it has been gloomy, windy, rainy, and cold almost the entire time I have been here.  Wonder what it is like when the sun shines?

IMG_0024 IMG_0020

Weather conditions prevented more pictures, so enjoy the video below of nearby Gig Harbor.

Snoqualmie Woods

Camped right next to a creek near Snoqualmie Pass, just east of Seattle. It rained from the moment I rolled in, to the minute we rolled out – it was magical. Some may know of my childhood enchantment with rain, and that is exactly why I am here – to see the American rain-forest.

I actually started a fire IN THE RAIN. I heard it could be done with proper technique. I actually STARTED the fire under the tarp, with wet wood, tinder, a knife and a lighter. BAM!! Bushcraft baby!!

Dude and I sat and enjoyed 5 hours of precipitative bliss under the tarp, until the firewood burned away.  Moss covers EVERYTHING up here.  Too bad the rain prevented me from capturing the depth of growth during our hike into the woods.

The next morning, the weather cleared and allowed a few shots on the nearby Yakima River.

It took quite a bit of “sense” to prevent me from pulling the boat off and paddling down the river full of strainers, to wind up who knows where?

And The Dude objected too :)

Sitting in  a Target Parking lot in Seattle currently.

…. and it blew my ass all the way to Oregon

The wind, that is – it finally came. The day I put everything “homey” into the bus was the same day I broke the elevator button on the bike lift. So I decided to leave the bike at Jared’s house, being that I would have to repair 5-8 things (leaks, electrical, tires, etc.) before I could even MANUALLY lift the thing into to bus :( – So, it got left in Idaho. I was pissed about the button, and just started driving, and an hour later I was in Oregon on top of Lookout Mountain.

So I stayed a couple of days.

Walking. Taking pictures. Relaxing, and doing nothing but cleaning, and doing repairs. I even repaired the button on the lift, just simply flipped it over, after gluing failed. Now up is down and vicey-versey.

Woke up this morning and hauled ass. Look like I am on my way to Warshington.

The views this morning.



In the distance you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Wallowa Mountains – where I am typing this now.



………..I am almost living in a proper home.  Spent the day in Boise and got some much needed appliances installed.  In fact, I installed 2 propane tanks, a water heater, a proper cook-top, and a space heater.

Then, I took my first HOT shower, in the bus, since I have been in the bus.  I cannot describe the feeling.  It was much like the breathless feeling of excitement when discovering a new extraordinary mountain peak.  It was a long, extended shower.  I am sure I used 2-3 times as much water(2-3 gallons) as usual.  I am feeling spoiled, now even more than before – warm, toasty showers, and warm air, and some perfect omelettes in the morning :)

While you are waiting on the latest videos, please enjoy the latest doggie-fashion for the fall, courtesy of Le’ Dude


swapping wheels for a paddle

Since my perfect bike is not currently available for sale, I am swapping knobbies for a plastic boat.

  • Less dust
  • Different perspective
  • Quiet
  • Smaller chance of falling off the side of a mountain
  • Zero chance of engine/tire/electrical failure

Now to find a place to learn kayaking.

Videos are stacked up, awaiting  editing, please wait a few days.

Stuck in Pleasant Grove again

Not the one that you are thinking about, the one south of Salt Lake City.  Had a bad leak in the water pump, so I am getting professional help (I have been told I needed it) in replacing the ginormous pump.

They said two hours, and then I am on my way to the Salt Flats

On a lighter note, some swell pics taken on the way into my latest troubles……..

This is the San Rafael Swell

The Interstate runs right thru it – notice the semi, giving it some scale.

And an awesome Mexican joint I have eaten at a couple times in Orem – Beto’s – they have a 4-pound burrito for $5

4 days in Moab

I would not say perfect, but close to it.  Did some repairs to the bike, shot some pics of the scenery, and let Dude run free off-leash.


The Dude was not impressed with the canyons.IMG_5154

Then we got the party started.  After some maintenance on the bike, I got ready to ride Jug Handle Gulch and White Rim Trail.  But……. the bike would not start.  Oh sure, I rigged the starter a few days earlier, but still, nothing.  So I decided to run a jumper from the battery to the solenoid – it worked, and I was OFF!


So I spent the day riding in some of the most amazing backdrop imaginable, and starting my bike with a speaker wire.