Moonscape #1

Most of the state of Kansas is rolling hills, with tall grass, corn, and spotty trees, especially in the creeks and valleys.  Western Kansas gives way to flatter rolling plains, spottier trees, and a handful of odd remnants of the Cretaceous, and an inland sea that divided the North American continent 90 million years ago.

Quite an odd site in the middle of a prairie.


IMG_3833 IMG_3819IMG_3802

Lake Camping

The sun has been mostly hidden for the last couple of days, and hence my solar charge is spent.  The coach power went OUT last night around 9pm, thought I had shorted something then realized the batteries were dead, and the trigger shut everything down.  Getting up this morning, I realized, the clouds would force me to break out the genset – still in the box.  So my first stop would be to get some oil and gas and find a nice big parking lot.

Now I am camping on a lake, running the generator, fridge, charging batteries, surfing web, listening to oldies, with the bus lit like Xmas

20150829_184322_HDR IMG_3794

To peek or not Topeka…..

I hope nobody saw anything, as I showered in the Home Depot parking lot. I think it was dark enough that nobody could see, but I am 25 feet from a major street, facing it, and HD. I felt like I pulled off a bank robbery or something. I did ask the manager if I could stay the night in his lot? He told me where to park.

2nd night in the Wilderness….. at Wal Mart

Yes, 6 months ago I hated WalMarx, would not step foot in one unless I had no choice.  Now, they are me new friends, my hosts, a convenient stop, with everything but a shower for the weary traveler.  Yesterday when I rolled into Potosi, MO, I was confused by their signs (some WM’s do not allow overnight parking) so I walked inside to ask.  They said “sure, you are good to go for one night”.20150827_070613

After walking back with my groceries, I read the signs more thoroughly…..they CLEARLY do not allow any truck parking other than WM delivery trucks.  Never hurts to ask.20150827_070626

Dude with his omelette du frommage.



Getting High in Missouri

20150826_071756_HDRAfter spending the night in a campground(gasp) at Clear Water Lake below the dam, I had enough of screaming kids this morning and headed north to find some woods.


I am realizing there is an art to RV camping, one that I am a novice at, but quickly adapting to.  So far, the best thing about mobility is the ABILITY to crank up and leave if there are barking dogs and screaming kids.  On my way north, I ran across the highest point in Missouri – Taum Sauk Mountain.  Talking to a moto-guy at the grocery, who came over to chat about the bus, he told me I passed it 5 miles back.  Figured it might be a good spot to chill, and eat some lunch -it was!



Morning Launch

The Dude and I did not wait for the fog to clear this morning, it was time to go.  After a quick errand, and goodbyes to the fantastic Beaver Ave Ground Crew, I tucked a few loose items into a remaining nook, and cranked up to drive North West.


My original intent was to drive north to Minnesota, only as I have never been, and heard it was beautiful.  I missed a turn.  Now I am in Jonesboro Ark.  I simply pointed on the phone-map, and clicked GO.  Now I am sitting in a WalMarx parking lot staring at a McDonalds.  Make no mistake – I am totally STOKED!!.

20150824_193731Tomorrow I might be heading north to Mark Twain Natl Forest?


It happened yesterday about 4pm.  I walked into the real estate office and signed my freedom papers.  I now have no debt, no dependents, and no responsibilities.

Time to close up some outstanding business and hit the road.

The adventure begins

Well, the adventure starts in 10 days (August 17th I will close on the house) and it may take me 2-3 days to get all my shit together.  I will have to dispose of a vehicle of two, gather the remaining belongings (most will be ON the bus) and strap everything down until I can figure out what is going to ride, and what is going to bounce, shake loose, fall, and slide forward when I stop.  So, it might actually take me a few days to LEAVE Alabama.  Working on the final “comfort” projects for the next week, then I am moving in.    I am excited and terrified.