Thought experiment about time

Watching a Bill Nye the Science Guy interview, the second time this morning (man I had no idea how brilliant this guy was when he was on TV) and he does a thought experiment about the average human having only 70,000 days on earth.  “It sux”. he said.  It struck me how few days I had left.  I calculate, with my family history of men, that I have ten years left, if I am lucky – 3,650 days, to do something big.  I am currently compiling a list of “BIG THINGS” to do, in my last three thousand days.  The obvious “BIG THING” would be travel, exploring, and seeing the new things I have never seen.  The not so obvious is conveyance – for lack of a better word.  Conveyance will be my thing, learning and sharing – moving big ideas (or small) from one place to another, from my mind to yours, much like Bill Nye and other heros of mine.  I would like to think I could do it on a scale of my heros, but I am realistic.  I simply hope to make it interesting, and motivate me to continue to learn, share, and travel…much of the 3650 days I have left – IF i get them.

Not a Murphy Bed

So I decided that a Queen is TOO BIG for for a Murphy bed on a bus, so the bed simply received a larg leg base, and was bolted to the floor and wall.  Looks rickety, but is pretty solid with 4x4s, and lots of brackets and bolts.
20150514_151139 20150514_151102


Funny thing was, as I finished bolting the new frame to the floor and wall, I realized the box springs were wedged into the corner so tightly I thought I might have to unbolt the  frame in order to get it out.  Dropping the bike lift out allowed just enough room to avoid the disaster I created.

Engineering challenge #2

I am a big guy – 6’5″, standing up and laying down, awake and asleep -so I need a big bed.  I sleep on a King-size now, but can do fine with a Queen.  I do not want squeeze down into a Twin/Double, so I need to engineer a  Murphy bed, or at least a modified Murphy bed.  Most M-Beds have a frame the bed folds up into, but I want something simple, easy, that I can fold up as close to the ceiling as possible, then fasten to the ceiling, to avoid crawling across the bed to get to the bike.

20150428_145031The picture above shows approximate height, angle, and  elevated position when hooked to the ceiling.  I will be building the frame, hinge system,  legs/base/mounts.  I can make a simple frame, that is functional, but I also want it to last more than a week, as I have a few problems……


  1. Needs to support a 250+ lb. man, and mattress
  2. Needs to be light enough to be lifted from the side or weird angles
  3. When elevated, the bed will have ALL the weight 2 legs.

So here is my plan.  Wood frame, thick, metal door hinges.

I assume my plan will change as I build this contraption.